Frequently Asked Questions

Is the aerator/compressor supposed to run 24-7?

Yes, aeration is a critical part of the treatment process so the aeration device must run constantly to ensure proper digestion and treatment of the waste.

How often does the system need to be pumped?

Pumping can vary depending on size of family, frequency of entertaining, and life style it should be determined by the service provider by performing a settable-solids test. When the system reaches 50% or more. It most likely needs a cleanout. There are occasionally situations when something has happened to the system and it has to be pumped (paint or grease dumped down the drain etc.) to fix the problem.

How much is the compressor/aerator running 24-7?

There are 2 most commonly used types of compressors used for a aerobic septic system
The Hiblow Linear compressor draws 1.9 amps = with a life span of 2 to 3 years
The Gast Rotary Vane compressor draws 3.8 amps = with a lifespan of 5 to 10 years

How long do the compressor/aerator last?

The life span does vary by brand. Some last a lot longer, and some (unusually) expire early. But, typical lifespans for the Hiblow is 2-3 years while the Gast Rotary Vane has an average lifespan of 5-10 years. Fortunantly both the Hiblow and the Gast compressors can be rebuilt, at your request, considering that they all wear differenlty. Our compressors are given a 2 year warranty upon installation and maintain the standard manufacture warranty as well.

Will anti-bacterial soaps affect my system?

In a commercial application, Yes. However in a residential application this typically is not an issue for a normal sized household. Anti-bacterial soaps are designed to kill both good and bad bacteria. The treatment system is breeding good in order to digest the waste which are being killed off by the anti-bacterial soaps and the system’s ability to treat wastewater is being compromised.

Is bleach ok to use with my system?

Bleach should be used sparingly and at half the rate or less as indicated on the container. Oxygenated bleaches are recommended.

What should I do if my alarm is going off?

Push the system's silent button and call our office at (936) 258-3080. Our trained professionals can walk you through troubleshooting your system to determine the possible nature of the malfunction. If needed, an appointment can be set for a technician to come out and perform service at your location.

Why doesn’t anything happen when I push the test button on the alarm?

You have to push the test button and hold it for 10-20 seconds; there is a built in delay. If after 20 seconds you do not hear an alarm, the device itself my be malfunctioning. If you think your alarm needs service, please feel free to contact us (936) 258-3080 to set up an appointment.

How much will a service contract cost me?

For Harris County residential contracts are $250, For Liberty and Chambers counties, residential contracts cost $200. Commercial contracts are customized to suit your requests and systems needs. We are more than happy to discuss the contract details and costs with you. Please call our office at (936) 258-3080 or visit our Our Contact page to get in touch with us.